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Un Mondo Italiano

When it comes to enjoying a truly authentic Italian dining experience, Emporio Italia in Ilkley will take you on a culinary journey you’ll never forget.

In a special corner of Ilkley, hidden away from the high-street restaurant chains and fast-food outlets, Luigi Pignanelli tirelessly works in his small kitchen creating the sort of magic that his parents and grandparents lovingly passed down to him.

It is a passion he has devoted his life to and one that has made his Italian restaurant in the old Spa town one of the most popular and best-loved destinations in Yorkshire.

Welcome to Emporio Italia, a place where stepping through the doors is not just merely stepping into a restaurant, it is your passage to an experience that will stay with you forever and one that will transport you to the true delights of authentic Italian dining.

For the past 15 years, Luigi and his family have created a successful business by putting their heart and soul into creating a dining experience that comes straight from the heart of Italy and which will take you on a journey of such gastronomic beauty, it is hard to imagine you are anywhere other than a Tuscan taverna or a Calabrian terrazza.

This is Italian theatre served up on a plate with such passion and attention to detail that it is little wonder there is usually a two-month waiting list to get a table.

Alongside his wife Sam, children Gianluca and Fabrizia and the dedicated team who work there, Luigi has put Emporio Italia on the culinary map by serving up far more than just delicious food.

And in a day and age of fast food and short cuts, it is so refreshing to find a restaurant that oozes such authenticity, holds on to its traditional values and provides such a magical ambience that truly reflects its roots.

Talking about what has made Emporio Italia such a success, Luigi said: “The magic of dining is not just getting great food but it is the atmosphere you create. We like to treat everybody like friends and we are proud to have made so many of those over the years.

“We want it to be like eating in our own home when you come to Emporio Italia and a place where you can enjoy the company of everybody in a relaxed and truly authentic setting and I think that is what stands us out from so many other restaurants.”

Talking about his menu, Luigi added: “My dishes are a reflection of the land and of the seasons, blended with a passion for flavour and tradition. 

“Where I am from in the South, it is common practice for Italians to cook with ingredients grown from the garden, so we also use a lot of fresh greens and it is important to me to continue these sort of traditions through my cooking.

For a man and a restaurant who have worked so tirelessly to create such an incredibly authentic dining experience, we recommend you book a table at Emporio Italia and experience the true magic of this Italian masterclass for yourself.

Railway Road, Ilkley LS29 8HQ

Tel: 01943 608797

Instagram: emporioitaliailkley

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