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beyond reports on the latest exciting arrival at Ilkley Lawn Tennis and Squash Club in the shape of a padel court and learn how you can get involved in the world’s fastest growing sport.

Established in 1880, Ilkley Lawn Tennis & Squash club is situated in the Wharfe Valley with panoramic views of Ilkley’s famous moor and is arguably one of Yorkshire’s most picturesque sporting venues.

Over the years, the club has continued to grow and develop into the multi-purpose sporting centre of excellence it is today and while top class tennis facilities are always at its heart, the progression and diversity made by the club ensures new opportunities continue to evolve for future generations.

Set in motion in 2015, a Masterplan began with the redevelopment of the gym and fitness studios to produce the modern clubhouse extension that you see today and now eight years on, the latest addition to the club’s development has arrived with the installation of a brand new padel court.

Originating from Mexico in the 1960s, padel has boomed in popularity in recent years and is now the fastest growing sport in the world. With an increasing number of padel courts popping up across the country, more and more people are picking up a racket and the Ilkley club is confident that the fun and sociable elements of the game will bring a new level of inclusivity to the variety of sports and fitness already available.

Combining elements of tennis and squash, padel is a game for everyone. Smaller than a tennis court and surrounded by glass walls, you’ll find yourself performing traditional tennis volleys alongside squash-like shots playing the ball off the walls.

Adopting the same scoring system as tennis, padel is a doubles game with pairs going head-to-head to win the best of three sets and is already proving hugely popular with members.

And to get everybody involved, the club will be hosting regular open days and coaching sessions to allow everyone the opportunity to give padel a go and learn the simplicity and enjoyment of the game.

After proving hugely successful in clubs across the country, the hope is that existing and new members will take up the sport and there are already plans in motion to add further padel courts at the club.

Following its re-opening in 2021 after lockdown, the club has gradually seen its membership returning to pre-pandemic levels and this is echoed in the busy hustle and bustle of the club with members now having full access to a wide variety of activities including tennis, squash, fitness classes, gym workouts, and now padel.

Boasting top class facilities and run by experienced and welcoming staff, ILTSC provides a social and supportive community and continues to welcome new members of all age groups and abilities with a variety of monthly and annual options and the choice of racket, fitness or full membership available.

Situated on the Dalesway, the clubhouse also welcomes the footfall of regular walkers into its café bar to enjoy the wide selection of drinks and seasonal lite bites.

So, whether it’s a game of tennis, a rigorous workout, a bite to eat or a chance to try out our new padel courts, there’s something for everybody to enjoy at ILTSC.

For more information about membership or to contact the club, please call 01943 607182 or email

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