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It’s autumn, so that means game is back on the menu.
However, if the thought of preparing the perfect pigeon breast or turning grouse into a meal to remember can seem a little daunting, fear not.
In Feathers – the Game Larder, which features Steve Lee’s stunning photography, master game chef Jose Souto showcases more than the 55 modern, international recipes.
Souto has spent years learning the best way to store, prepare and cook the best of British game and in his new book he not only shares his own expertise, but has also persuaded the likes of Michel Roux, Brian Turner and Nigel Barden to reveal the secrets behind their favourite dishes.

Cold-smoked pigeon & blackberry salad

Cold smoking does not cook food but it gives raw meat that open-fire, wood-smoked flavour. Here the pigeon breasts go into the cold smoker for a short period of time just to flavour them. If you own a Bradley smoker you need to use a cold-smoke adaptor that will smoke but not cook the meat. Then the pigeon breasts are pan-fried and served as part of a salad. Raspberries are just as good as blackberries for this recipe.

Roast woodcock on toast with duck pâté, puy lentils, tarragon, Madeira & tomato jus

The serving of woodcocks on toast with pâté is not new but here they are served with a tarragon and tomato jus and peppery puy lentils. These small delicate birds are easy to overcook so always err on the side of caution by undercooking and resting the woodcock. The resting will finish the cooking of the birds perfectly.

Whole roast grouse with wild mushrooms

The earthy flavour of wild mushrooms works well with the full flavour of grouse. In this recipe we have the roast grouse served on a bed of wild mushrooms with shredded grouse leg and a rich game jus.

In Feathers
The Game Larder
by  Jose Souto and Steve Lee is published by Merlin Unwin
Books priced £25

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