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When you take your first swig of morning coffee from a beautifully designed mug, or chuck cereal into a perfectly sculpted, handcrafted bowl, everything looks rosier and feels a bit more wholesome.

This is the idea behind Made in Japan, a new business launched by Rosie Battye and Philip Enever, importing high quality tableware from family-run businesses in the heart of Japan, to transform some of the more mundane kitchen moments of our lives. 

Japanese craftsmen have been producing ceramics for hundreds of years using time-honoured traditions and skills that have been passed down and honed through generations. 

The brand’s tactile range of stunning pieces are as practical as they are easy on the eye – dishwasher and microwave-safe which is perhaps why they’ve been such a hit with Michelin-starred restaurants and five-star hotels up and down the country.

Rosie is clear in her aspirations: ‘In a world where we are busier and more distracted than ever, our interactions with everything we eat and drink should be an experience to savour.’

Made in Japan


Circular forms and rounded corners offset the typical boxiness of our rooms to create interest, intrigue and instant cocooning comfort. So if you’re looking to update your space, introduce enticing curvature to soften the edges.

Retro Curve Art Print


Bloomingville Rattan Otto Cabinet


Luciana Glass & Metal Low Shelving



Brit-brand Loaf is full of cool ideas for making life at home comfier, laid-back and more stylish. But they also understand functionality and how we all love something that’s more than just a pretty face. Enter the Flip-Flop – a footstool and hideaway bed which is available in around 130 of their fabulous fabrics. Simply remove the top cover to reveal a super comfy fold-out mattress. Great for sleepovers or better still, just ligging out. Check out their full range of multi-taskers and sneaky storage solutions online.

Flip-Flop Footstool and Hideaway Bed, from



If you’re interested in creating a truly composed atmosphere at home, look no further than Danish brand Ferm LIVING. From their home in Copenhagen, they manage to fuse the Scandinavian mindset with the skills and traditions of artisans around the globe, resulting in a range of products that are elegantly simple with a touch of the unexpected.As longer days are on the horizon, they’ve launched their ‘notes of spring’ collection of outdoor furniture and accessories combining responsible materials and tactile designs to help you create an outdoor haven of your own.

The product range is available to view

and buy at 

Living blue plant box £209


And so to the ever elusive art of sleep and a brand who take bedtime very seriously indeed. The Secret Linen Store was launched in 2013 by two sisters, Molly and Harriet who know what’s what when it comes to quality and comfort and believe that sliding into top quality cotton or linen bed sheets is one of life’s small pleasures. As they rightly point out, we spend over a third of our lives in bed so we should make it special.They’ve found the best factories in Portugal and the UK enabling an offering of beautiful, well-made bedding and accessories directly from source to our homes. I’ve got one set already and am eyeing up a second because I can’t bear to be without it for a single night.

Arthur Grey Stripe Brushed Cotton Duvet cover from £45; Pillowcase from £10

Check out their full range of glorious bedding and accessories at


Childhood friends Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill founded Modern House – in equal parts an estate agency, a publisher and a lifestyle brand – to convince people of the power of good design and how it can positively influence our wellbeing. In this lavishly illustrated book, Gibberd tells the stories  of some of the remarkable living spaces they have encountered and their owners.

A Modern Way to Live by Matt Gibberd

Penguin Life

RRP £25

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