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Face Value

I think we’re all a bit tired at the moment. So as we wait for spring to show her blossoming face, here are a few things to brighten up our own.


I’m definitely going to be investing in one of these clever little devices to help my poor wizened eyes. As aesthetically pleasing as it is effective, simply fill up the base with water and it releases a gentle mist to keep eyes hydrated whether open or closed, combating the drying effects of central heating and our dastardly screens.
Hydrating Portable Humidifier



Everything you need for a perfectly shaded eye, Vieve’s much lauded Muse palette boasts 10 powerfully pigmented and blendable shades to create either an everyday look or something a bit more glam.
Muse Eyeshadow Palette
Check out the full range at



I’m a big fan of bronzer and am particularly partial to one that can be scribbled on the face in a flash. Even better, this one is a multi-tasker – with the golden soft matte balm at one end and blending brush on the other – so a great one to throw in your bag and pull out for a radiance boost at the drop of a hat.
All-over Face Colour


the art of sleep

If the idea of having a full night’s sleep has become something of a pipe dream, help is at hand. These little patches of wonder contain a range of carefully curated ingredients to help clear and calm the mind to allow for a deeper sleep. Bob one on each temple and prepare for the sleep of dreams.
ROSS J BARR Sleep Patches

£15 (for 10)


If you’re using your concealer applicator to dab on your eyeshadow, step away from the mirror and consider an investment in new tools. Unstoppable creators of high quality brushes, Spectrum, have teamed up with talented makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes to create the perfect 5 piece eyeshadow set.
Spectrum KJH 5 Piece Eye Brush Set


a slice of the action

A little late to the party on this one, but now I’m fully on board and making up for lost time. Beauty Pie is an online brand that develops high-end, luxury beautifying products in some of the world’s leading labs and sells them directly to us, cutting out the weighty retail marketing costs. It works on a monthly subscription and allowance basis so there’s a bit of maths to do to decipher the best plan for you.
Their products consistently receive rave reviews from those in the know, so if you love all things beauty-related, it’s well worth looking into. My current favourites are the Wonderscrub Face Polish; Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser and the Ultra Colour Pro Gel Eyeliner. I could go on.

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