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Head tailor at Norton & Townsend, Graham Hall, discusses the latest trends and why mixing and matching styles and materials to create a bespoke outfit will help revitalise you and your wardrobe.

As the dust settles on those WFH days and more and more people are venturing back into the office, there has been a definite shift in how men are now dressing. This season has seen a marked return of our business suit clients who traditionally would visit us each year, regular as clockwork.

But suddenly the emphasis is no longer on plain suits in all navy or grey and instead clients are now looking to embrace a brave new world and make their clothes more adventurous and versatile with a mix and match approach.

Here at Norton & Townsend we are still making those traditional plains but we’re also setting the tone for the modern man by introducing something extra to go with it.

By looking at a combination of two contrasting suits we are not only adding value and choice to a wardrobe but creating a variety of styles that effortlessly work as well together whether you’re in the boardroom or out meeting clients.

For example, if you take our staple of plain navy and contrast it with a contemporary check, your wardrobe instantly doubles. It becomes a blazer shown off against a check trouser or a sports jacket shown off against navy trousers.

Wear with trainers or brogues and we now have four contrasting combinations. Throw an overcoat into the mix and you’re ready for anything.

And the list of possibilities is endless. Add a velvet for a bit of glamour, some beautiful cashmere for luxury, a pair of jeans for a more casual look or a thorn-proof tweed if you’re that way inclined and suddenly you’ll become the king of mix and match.

At Norton & Townsend we always spend time looking at the latest styles, keeping our eye on emerging trends and trying to future-proof your wardrobe so you get the maximum wear and pleasure out of your clothes.

To us, developing a personal style is an investment, whereas chasing fashion can be hugely expensive, and we live by the adage that ready-made is created for a season whereas bespoke is made to last.

That is why we are always on hand and work closely with each and every client to ensure their wardrobe is as versatile, long-lasting and as individual as they are.

Remember you don’t always have to play it safe, don’t be afraid to push your boundaries and listen to advice from your tailor. Rest assured we have seen almost every cloth and client combination and we know what flatters, what works and how to cut it to get the best fit.

When it comes to fashion, not all the rules need to be followed and here at Norton & Townsend we know which ones to bend to create a bespoke wardrobe that you’ll never tire of.

To see how Norton & Townsend can refresh your wardrobe and help create a bespoke style just for you, please visit their showroom in Ben Rhydding or call 0345 066 2030 to arrange an appointment.

114 Bolling Rd, Ben Rhydding, Ilkley LS29 8PN
10 Artillery Passage, Spitalfields, London E1 7LJ

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