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I ’ve been busy with the Westrow Artistic Team recently, flexing our creative muscles for Hot Tools Professional. The award-winning electrical styling tool brand enlisted our services to craft some uber-hot styles inspired by the seasonal Spring/Summer 19 runways. From beachy waves to boho braids, each look is a showcase of the variety of styles that can be created using the Hot Tools Professional Evolve Styler and Curl Bar Set, and this look in particular – the tantalisingly textured pony – is one of my favourites.

The perfect summer holiday pony, the key to this style lies in its texture: all that body takes it from chic and sleek to heady and alluring in an instant. Achingly on-trend and oozing sex appeal, this look is also incredibly practical. With your hair swept up and away from your face and neck, you’re left free to party in the heat – so to me this style just screams pool party chic.

To recreate the look, use the Hot Tools Professional Curl Bar to create large bouncy curls through the mid lengths and ends, leaving the crown smooth and sleek. Once the tonged waves are set and cooled, lightly run your fingers (or a brush) through them, to add a mussed-up texture – you’re going for effortless bedhead waves, not pristine curls. Pull the hair in to a tight ponytail, securing it midway down the scalp, and then take a section one-inch thick from the underside of the pony, and wrap tightly around the base of it. Next, use a fine-toothed comb and a stronghold hairspray to tease further body into the wavy pony, lightly backcombing through the top section to create a fine layer of barely perceptible frizz – the kind that says you’re too busy having a good time to care about creating perfect curls. Finally, it’s essential to leave a few wispy waves framing your face.

Don’t worry about this style becoming more dishevelled as the day goes on: the beauty of this look is that you can forget all about it. So dance until the sun sets and I guarantee with all the heat, humidity and partying, it will simply look better and better.

Hair by the Hot Tools Education Team in collaboration with Westrow, headed up by Hot Tools European Education Director, Steve Rowbottom

Make-up: Olivia Watson
Photography: Paul Gill
Products: #hottoolspro

Image courtesy of Revlon Professional


Louise Gray gave us a collection that was loud and proud this season, with a simple, yet inspired hair brief to echo the signature bursts of colour in her collection. Models’ heads were shaved for maximum impact, while the remaining hair was coloured using abstract shapes to create clean, angular tones throughout the hair.

Get the look:

There’s no need to go as far as shaving your head to nail this imaginative trend – instead, focus on the colour. The idea is to create a shade that can’t be created by nature – think otherworldy metallics and pastel hues. Ask your Westrow Colour Mixologist to use Revlon Professional Colorsmetique Satinescent in one of the metallic shades, for an out-of-this world iridescent colour and satin shine. If you’re trying this look at home, use Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in one of the fantasy shades, for a creative, fun and quirky new colour. RRP £21 / 270ml.

Insider tip:

That vibrant new colour won’t stay that way without a little TLC, so post-colour appointment use some at-home colour saviours, courtesy of Revlon Professional. Its EKSperience Color Protection range comprises a shampoo, conditioner and mask – the perfect trio to look after coloured locks in-between salon visits. RRP from £22.

Fame at last!

My business partner, Marc Westerman and myself are thrilled to have been welcomed into the hairdressing Hall of Fame after winning the prestigious British Hairdressing Business Awards Business Directors of the Year three times – in 2005, 2012 and 2017. We’re also celebrating after hearing the news that we’re the only UK salon brand to have achieved this status!


If you’re yet to head off on your hols this summer, then you might want to consider taking your perfect travel companion away with you. Revlon Professional EKSperience Sun Pro is the first thalassotherapy hair range to harness the power of the sea, helping to look after your locks during sun exposure. Enriched with nutrient-rich algae and pure seawater, products provide protection, hydration, manageability and hold pre-sun, while post rays, they help detangle, soften and nourish. Choose from Marine Shower Hair Cleanser and Protective Cream, Water Base Hair Wax and an Instant Two-Phase Hydrating Conditioner. Your hair will thank you for it. From £20.


Top tips for speeding up your morning routine

Skip the hairwash. You can extend the life of a style and conceal tell-tale signs – grease and product residue – with an effective dry shampoo, such as Revlon Professional Uniq One All In One Dry Shampoo.

Double-up. If you usually squeeze the gym in before work, find a style that will see you through your workout, yet won’t need refreshing for the office. Braids – which are very SS19 – are ideal for this. 

Style while you sleep. Try braiding damp hair and leaving to dry overnight, before revealing fresh waves in the morning. Try two plaits for loose waves and four or more for tighter curls.

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