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beyond steps through the doors of Amazing Finds in Bingley and discovers a mystical, magical world of vintage collectibles that you definitely won’t find on the high street.

As you climb the stairs to the old billiard room in Bingley’s former Conservative Club, the sounds of snooker balls cannoning off one another has been replaced by the haunting sounds of Marlene Dietrich playing over the old gramophone that sits in the corner. Her voice appears to be coming from behind a skeleton dressed in a Red Indian outfit who sits underneath a 10ft illuminated deck party sign which in turn lights up a treasure chest of old watches and a stuffed chicken that sits upon a stunning late 18th century desk covered in wooden letter blocks.

Welcome to Amazing Finds, home to an ever-changing array of vintage, salvaged and antique pieces as well as a curated selection of modern design classics. And at the heart of it all, popping up from behind the counter is owner Rob George, whose mission is to provide his customers with a cornucopia of eccentric and unique objects not available on the high street.

Having moved to the former Conservative Club earlier this year, following a fire that destroyed the mill in Keighley where he was previously located, Rob has wasted little time filling the huge space with the weird and wonderful he has spent a lifetime collecting and sourcing from around the world.

From everyday household objects to period furniture dating back to the 1700s and mid-century design classics to retro artefacts, the jam-packed and colourful showroom is an Aladdin’s cave of curiosities you can’t help falling in love with.

With prices varying between £5 and £500, Rob describes his showroom as “an eclectic collection of things you don’t really need but will definitely want to take away.”

The mind-boggling array of items for sale is testament to Rob’s life-long passion for vintage finds, his incredible eye for detail and his ability to spot a hidden gem in the most unusual of places.

He added: “In a day and age when there isn’t a great deal to smile about, I want to bring some much needed colour and curiosity to people’s lives – there is too much beige about and hopefully a visit to our showroom will see you leaving with something you never imagined buying and a smile on your face.

“People need to brighten up their homes and lives and if we can help do that then I’ll have achieved what I set out to do.”

Such has been his success and thanks to the growing reputation of the business, Amazing Finds was recently featured on TV’s Salvage Hunters where dealer Drew Pritchard scours the country looking for bargains in antique shops and salvage barns.

Rob says his appearance on the show brought a wave of enquiries and he is hoping people looking for something a little bit different for their homes or for presents will pay him a visit and find that something special they might never have considered picking up.

He added: “Having collected antiques and collectibles all my life, there is hopefully something for everyone in our showroom, it is certainly a nostalgic collection that will take you on a trip down memory lane and one that seems to appeal to so many customers.”

As well as the home and garden wares, clothing, art and furniture that Rob is famous for, Amazing Finds is also teaming up with other local artisan businesses, such as the leatherwares manufacturer SOWK UK and coffee grinder extraordinaire, Steve Duffin of Mr Duffin’s Coffee, to offer customers a shopping experience like no other in an amazing space which really has to be seen to be believed. Amazing Finds is located on the first floor of 110 Main Street, Bingley, and is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 4pm.

T: 07932 650553
Instagram: @amazingfinds_uk

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