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Introducing the B-Hive at Calls Wharf, a stylish new working environment from Bracken Workspace.

If you’re tired of rigid office spaces that stifle creativity and productivity for you and your team, the arrival of an exciting new office space in the heart of Leeds could be the answer you’re looking for.

Designed by Bracken Workspace Plus in their stunning Calls Wharf serviced offices, the new B-Hive brings solutions for people embracing flexible modern work styles.

Having undergone a complete transformation, the new, light-filled co-working space caters for solopreneurs, remote workers, project teams or SMEs and works seamlessly with Bracken’s permanent, private flexible offices and provides alternative working environments for new or existing customers.

The B-Hive provides the infrastructure to support new modes of working and all in a designer-led, heritage building.

Move seamlessly between open collaboration areas, glass-walled solo booths, and the calming riverside terrace as your tasks and mood shift or meet deadlines at an ergonomic stand-up desk before brainstorming with your team in a comfort booth.

Built for networking, creativity, and productivity, The B-Hive’s open concept space facilitates connections, creativity and problem solving. Collaborate with like-minded members in the modular lounge area and at community worktables or broadcast your message in our podcast studio.

Located on the banks of the river, it’s the perfect spot to work in a secure, relaxed and beautiful setting and with a needs-based subscription option available, it means you only pay for the space as and when you require it.

Whether you’re an indie hustler or corporate satellite squad, The B-Hive at Calls Wharf has a choice of permanent private offices, dedicated desks, or flexible hot-desking to create your optimal work ecosystem, all with the support of the dedicated Bracken Workspace team beside you.

Come and see for yourself how The B-Hive at Calls Wharf in Leeds is a work place game changer and the most agile, collaborative and inspiration-fuelled new working environment in the city.

For more information contact Bracken Workspace team on 0113 237 2700 or visit

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