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If it’s time for a hair colour refresh this season, then there’s no one better than Westrow’s Colour Mixology Team to help you find your new season hue…

S pring is most definitely in the air – and hair – and there’s no time like the present to start looking at a hair colour refresh to help take you in to the new season in style. Luckily, help is at hand, with Westrow’s talented team of technical experts. Step forward the multi award-winning hairdressing brand’s Colour Mixology Team – 25 key technicians (and magicians) from across the nine-salon group, adept at taking a runway trend and distilling it to suit your life, and, most importantly, your style. Westrow like to call this the trickle-down effect; while hair colour trends might rock a seasonal runway, will it work at your 9-5 in a sleepy village or suburb? They understand the limitations, but know that their loyal clients love to experiment with hair colour, so whatever your preference, the brand’s expert colourists will work out the right hue for you.

Westrow’s Colour Mixology team also make sure they have their finger firmly on the hair colour fashion pulse. They know how to transform a dull brunette into a colour with supermodel shine; they can take your washed out blonde and transform it into the peachy hue of the moment. But what’s most important is that they don’t limit by age. In fact they like to think of themselves as ‘Age Neutral’. This is the brand’s 33rd year in business and as we all step into a new decade, it’s clear that age is nothing but a number! Yes your hair ages as you do too, but Westrow likes to appeal to each of its clients across the age spectrum – young, old, timid or bold! They understand that age doesn’t limit your hair colour wishlist – think of their Colour Mixology Team as technical tailors of your perfect hue. From your colour consultation and application through to your shiny new hue – one thing’s for certain – Westrow will be with you every step of the colourful way!


At Westrow you’re guaranteed a one-to-one bespoke colour service unique to your individual style and lifestyle. Book in with one of the brand’s Westrow Colour Mixologists now for a colour service – and read on for the inside scoop on the hair colour terminology to make you a pro in the know…

Babylights – this does what it says on the tin! Beautifully soft highlights that mimic the natural colour of a child’s sun-kissed hair

Balayage – a French word (meaning ‘to sweep’) this is a freehand technique allowing your Colour Mixologist to paint strands of hair for a natural, sun-kissed, easy to maintain hue

Base Colour – whether natural or dyed your base colour is the one-dimensional colour starting at the root, before other colour or highlights are added

Face-Framing – this is used for placement of soft colour around the hairline, to give the illusion of sun-kissed hair

Freehand – this is the craft of applying colour as an artist would paint – as and where needed, assessed visually as they go

Gloss – this is used to temporarily tone, neutralize or enhance your natural hair colour or highlights. Think of it as a customisation for your colour!

Highlights – a technique to lighten and brighten the hair, your Colour Mixologist will paint colour onto sections of hair before folding foil around it to help it develop

Lowlights – this technique helps to darken strands of the hair to add depth and dimension

Microlights – this is the finest application of colour applied with precision. This is a great technique for clients new to colour

Ombre – created using a freehand balayage technique, hair is only coloured from mid-lengths to ends, perfect if you want to forgo the root touch-ups this season

Toner – a semi permanent colour applied to damp hair to even out any unwanted hues, allowing you to correct or personalise. See this as a temporary reviver in-between your colour appointments

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