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beyond checks into Chateau Denmark, London’s latest arrival on the hotel scene, and discovers a seductive bolthole where punk rock echoes through the buildings and partying hard is a pre-requisite. Mark Bowness asks: What’s not to like?

When it comes to letting your hair down and partying like a rock star, there are few places better equipped to cater for your wildest hedonistic needs than Denmark Street in Soho London.

Long associated with music lovers and the rock ‘n roll hellraisers of yesteryear, it was the street where The Rolling Stones recorded at No 4, the Sex Pistols lived at No 6 and David Bowie created Ziggy Stardust at No 9. 

So, fast forward some 50 years and it seems only fitting that 16 buildings along it has now been lovingly remastered as a 55-room boutique bolt hole, with a mix of seductive ‘session’ rooms and apartments.

Welcome to Chateau Denmark….home to the most outrageously, gloriously decadent hotel experience in town and one that will leave you feeling like the ultimate party animal. 

From the minute you arrive to the minute you leave, this is a place that delivers no half measures with its black leather upholstered bed, it’s blood-red free-standing bath and it’s mesmerising maxi-bar, complete with 64 bottles of the finest spirits, champagnes and wines.

There’s a fireplace sculpted with snakes, hawks and gargoyles, a bathroom that looks more like a seductive Soho nightclub and a wardrobe that could double up as a Catholic confessional should your sins while staying there get the better of you.

The mantra is definitely unconventional and with everything from your own personal butler – the flamboyant Freddie in our case – to the handcuffs adorning the wall, it’s the sort of place that pulls no punches in its quest to impress and shock you in equal measure.

Our home for the night was No.7 with the moniker All the Sinners – a tribute to the Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil – and Freddy wasted no time proudly showing us around before rustling up a damn fine French Martini with all the flair and razzmatazz he could muster.

There are currently 13 apartments now open and across the road 14 session rooms are already up and running with more on the way.

Each one is a playful punkish playground with gold-trimmed graffitied beds, chandeliers made from nickel, iron and glass, and Artcoustic sound systems in which guests are encouraged to turn up the volume and party hard.

Across the road, the trendy Chinese restaurant chain Tattu serves up Chinese inspired dishes while the hotel’s bar and all-day hangout Thirteen will shortly open its doors to ensure you won’t have to travel far if you ever tire of your in-room entertainment.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living the rockstar lifestyle and partying hard in one of the most seductive settings imaginable, then Chateau Denmark should definitely be on your bucket list.

For this is no ordinary hotel, it’s a sensory overload, a mind-blowing experience and a chance to immerse yourself in the magic of one of London’s most iconic quarters.

Check in to Chateau Denmark and live out your wildest rock icon dreams, just don’t forget to bring an open mind, a fistful of dollars and somewhere to recover the night after.

Session Room rates start from £510 per night. Apartments rates start from £660 per night. Long stay rates are available on request.

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