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Have a little faith

Last year singer-songwriter Paloma Faith launched her first eponymous
interiors brand, Paloma Home, and it has certainly caught our attention
with its opulent glamour, retro bohemia and vintage style.

As the world went into lockdown during those long miserable days of 2020, the number of people who decided to freshen up their homes with a lick of paint, a new
kitchen or a garden make-over soared.

Home suddenly became the focal point of our lives and as those four walls closed in
on us, the urge to refresh, reinvent and redesign went into overdrive.

For Paloma Faith, it was no different, but whereas most of us settled for a paintbrush and a new colour scheme, the singer-songwriter decided to go one step
further and bring out her own interior range Paloma Home.

As lockdown projects went, it was pretty impressive especially considering she was juggling work on her new album, new-found motherhood and the worries and anxieties that came during such strange times.

Looking back, she said: “Lockdown, as it did for so many people, wholly revived my
passion for my home and it was a time when pouring a little bit more of ourselves
into our spaces never felt more important.

“Pre-Covid, I travelled a lot and I’d often buy another suitcase to bring back pictures and vases and so during lockdown I became even more fanatical about doing up my house and experimenting with all the things I’d bought.

“People thought I had an interior designer, but it was all from eBay and antiques
festivals and it was that love for bringing so many of these different clashing styles
together that inspired me to launch the brand.”

That is very much the ethos behind Paloma Home, a collection that encapsulates the retro maximalism of her personal style.

Her debut line comprises ten house prints, from Pouncing Tigers and Luxe Leopards to Oriental Leaves & Birds, Vintage Chinoiserie and Monochrome Stripes.

Underpinned by a feeling of faded grandeur and retro nostalgia, the range
includes sumptuous velvet cushions in fiery animal prints and intricate hand-drawn birds in flight splashed across bedding, wallpaper, curtains and blinds.

But rather than simply putting her name to a brand, the singer wanted to be in control and produce a range of products that were not only sustainable to produce but accessible to buy and, with prices starting from £21-24, it would appear she’s hit the right note.

She says: “A lot of stuff in the maximalist world is really overpriced. I often see
things and think, I’m not spending £400 on a cushion! That’s outrageous!”

It would appear her brand of affordable maximalism has come at the perfect time
because, after years of playing it safe, people now seem to be taking more risks
when it comes to interior design.

Talking of the shift she shrugs: “Maybe it’s because we’ve spent so much time in our homes, we’re dressing them up more than ourselves, but trends aren’t something I follow, I’ve always been maximalist and my house is like a colour explosion.
“During such times of uncertainty, life can throw a lot at you and for me, a home is a nest where you can return and feel cradled and I think that is something more people are embracing.”
With a nod to the romantic noirs of acclaimed director Wong Kar-Wai and his iconic sultry aesthetic, the collection will transport you with a palette of saturated jewel tones.

Each of the pieces is rich with reference: dark, loaded wallpapers feel reminiscent of a louche, backstage world, whilst highly decorative botanicals allude to a free-spirited air of femininity and a touch of the bohemian.

She added: “Home for me is a place where there is warmth, life, vibrancy and human touch. Something truly ‘lived in’. So much beauty emerges from chaos – and I hope to share this sentiment with Paloma Home.”

Speaking about her favourite items in the range, the singer explained the power of a simple cushion.

“Growing up we didn’t always have a lot of money, but my mum did always prioritise investing in new cushion covers — and things felt brand new,” says Paloma. “That’s what I love about Paloma Home, you can have one piece and it changes a room – or you can embrace the whole collection, and it still works.”

Designed to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary with Paloma’s creative eye for pattern and play, the exuberant collection captures the essence of her much-loved fire and soul and is proving a welcome mode of escapism for us all.

The collection is available from Paloma Home with prices starting from £24. For more information and to see the full range please visit

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