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When it comes to specialist Venetian plastering, Rialto Wall Designs are earning a reputation as the best in business and their new outlet in Guiseley is now open showcasing their incredible craftmanship.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Rialto Walls lead the way when it comes to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As one of only a handful of Yorkshire businesses who specialise in the labour-intensive technique of bringing walls in homes and businesses to life with polished plaster, it is a skill which has to be seen and touched to be fully appreciated.

And potential clients can now get the chance to do just that, with the launch of Rialto’s new showroom in Guiseley where the work of Chris Sanderson can be seen up close and personal.

Widely used in Italy and North America, Venetian plastering delivers a stunning visual effect that can turn a plain wall into a piece of art with breath-taking results and with its waterproofing and antibacterial qualities, it has become a popular choice for luxury bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas while also providing a hard-wearing and spectacular finish to stairways, media walls, floors and ceilings.

Talking about the launch of his new showroom, Chris said: “For years we have been bringing walls to life with polished plastering but unless you actually see if first-hand it is hard to appreciate the effect and the work that goes into creating such a spectacular finish.

“By opening the showroom we want to invite people to come and see for themselves how the technique can turn ordinary walls and surfaces into something very special.”

Included in the showroom is a stunning media wall which has been finished in an incredible black polish that would sit proudly in any home and which Chris can replicate from scratch to whatever size required.

He added: “While much of our work up to now has been for commercial clients we are now seeing greater demand from people wanting to incorporate Venetian plastering into their own homes, and stand-out media walls which can house a TV, sound system and fireplace are becoming hugely popular.”

With years of experience perfecting the technique of adding layer after layer of different coloured plasters before meticulously polishing to deliver the unique finish, Chris has worked tirelessly to bring his showroom to life and is looking forward to welcoming potential clients and showing them first-hand how his specialist plastering can help bring new life to your walls.

To arrange an appointment at their new showroom in Guiseley call Chris on 07989 573307 and see for yourself the incredible finishes available.


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