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With UK car crime continually on the rise and figures showing a 26% hike in car thefts last year, there has never been a better time to speak to vehicle enhancement specialists SC Audio & Security and ensure your car never falls into the wrong hands.

Latest government figures reveal a sharp rise in the number of cars that were stolen in the UK last year.

With 61,106 cars snatched in 2022, that equates to one theft every eight and a half minutes and experts fear it will only get worse as thieves deploy more sophisticated devices and techniques to steal cars.

But while it is often presumed it is mainly the luxury models that are targeted by thieves, last year also saw a huge rise in the number of mainstream cars that were stolen with the Ford Fiesta topping the list.

The best-selling small hatchback became the most common target and topped the table ahead of the more desirable premium cars from Range Rover, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

The luxury SUV was one of two models from Land Rover to make the list of most stolen cars compiled by LeaseLoco, with the Discovery also in the top five. High prices and strong demand have made the high-end off-roaders a desirable target for thieves, with a 47% jump in the number of Range Rovers reported stolen to police between 2021 and 2022 and a massive 52% increase in Discoveries being taken.

It is a trend that SC Audio & Security, a Bradford based team who specialise in the security and enhancement of vehicles, have seen first-hand across Yorkshire and the demand for their work, fitting the most advanced security devices and tracking systems to private cars and dealership cars has soared in recent months.

With over 30 years experience of fighting car crime, company owner Shane Chambers is a trusted expert when it comes to fitting the latest state-of-the-art immobilisers and tracking systems to vehicles and he believes every car is now a potential target to thieves.

He said: Obviously the high end cars are always popular with thieves and the bulk of our work comes from fitting sophisticated tracking systems and ghost immobilisers to Range Rovers and prestigious sports cars but in recent years the rise in thefts across all makes and models has been significant.

“Car thieves are now adopting more refined ways of stealing cars with signal boosters to amplify the signal between key and car on the rise and we as an industry are always having to stay one step ahead to beat them.”

Using the latest technology in security from Global Telemetrics and Autowatch UK, Shane and his son Jamie are now one of the region’s most trusted car security experts and offer an accredited Yorkshire-wide mobile installation service that can visit your home, place of work or dealership to complete the work.

Shane added: “Cars are basically stolen to be either sold overseas, to be stripped for their parts, cloned or used for criminal activity and with less than 28% of stolen cars ever recovered, the chances of getting your vehicle back nowadays has reduced dramatically  due to the speed in which cars are ordered to be stolen and then disposed of.

“Thankfully with the latest technology we work with, there’s a way to minimise car theft and here at SC Audio and Security we’ve got all the solutions to keep your pride and joy safe.”

Don’t delay, call Shane and his team now to ensure your vehicle doesn’t become another car crime statistic.

UKs most stolen cars in 2022

Ford Fiesta – 5,724 stolen (41 thefts per 10,000 cars)

Land Rover Range Rover – 5,209 (38 per 10,000)

Ford Focus – 2,048 (21 per 10,000)

Volkswagen Golf – 1,959 (22 per 10,000)

Land Rover Discovery – 1,778 (77 per 10,000)

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