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Chris Floyd rose to fame during the heights of Britpop and ever since has become one of the most in-demand celebrity portrait photographers in the world, we take a look at some of his most iconic images which grace the pages of his fascinating book Not Just Pictures.

You might not be familiar with his name, but you’ll almost certainly have seen the work of British photographer and filmmaker Chris Floyd.

Over the past three decades he’s shot everybody from Paul McCartney to the Prince and Princess of Wales; David Bowie to Oasis and Sir David Attenborough to Marcus Rashford.

David Hockney

Having risen to fame during the height of Britpop, Floyd has become one of the most in-demand celebrity portrait photographers in the world and last year he brought his favourite pictures together in his first monograph, Not Just Pictures accompanied by his incisive, insightful recollections and unique encounters with the stars.

Sir David Attenborough

A highly unusual celebrity photographer, both meticulous and spontaneous, Floyd’s wit and vulnerability is present in every anecdote and the book is not just a glimpse at his incredible work but the stories of a fascinating career and his relationship with the celebrities he has snapped.

Having dropped out of school with just a handful of O-levels in the late 80s, the young Floyd decided he wanted to be a magazine photographer but his rise to fame didn’t happen overnight and is a story of persistence and determination.


Looking back on those early days and his quest to put his work in front of the right people, Chris recalls: “Obviously, I’d get fobbed off loads: people didn’t want to spend all day seeing young photographers. But I just persisted. They’d say: I’m a bit busy now; call tomorrow. Call me later. Call me next week. Or just don’t call me ever again. Then finally, I’d get an appointment and show them my work and people would always say quite nice things, but they’d always be really non-committal.”

Robbie Williams

Undeterred, Floyd kept the calls coming and finally in 1993 his big break came when he was commissioned by Select magazine to shoot Reeves and Mortimer which he admits was the greatest feeling in the world.

It was his down-to-earth nature and sensitive approach to his work and subjects that endeared him to so many, and which ultimately made him such a respected and legendary lensman.


In the book, Floyd recounts stories from getting his first ever camera to hanging out with royalty; his relationship with everybody from the godfather of photographer David Bailey, to nearly getting his head kicked in by Liam Gallagher. There’s his adventures with The Verve in America in the 90s, getting mugged in NYC and persuading a reluctant David Attenborough to don a pair of 3D glasses.

Yoko Ono

He talks passionately about his shoots with the late David Bowie, Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Reeve and Antony Bourdain – subjects he will forever be grateful to have captured.

Looking back on his work, Floyd comments: “You spend all the time in the world having ideas and setting things up. Then serendipity comes along and gifts you something superior. When that happens, be gracious, put your ego down, take the gift with both hands and say thank you.”

Wise words from a man who lifts the lid on what real photography is all about.

Chris Floyd – Not Just Pictures is published by Reel Art Press RRP £49.95
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