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Let’s get nude

After the year we’ve had, many are craving a more simple approach to life, upping the fun factor while making better choices along the way. Beauty, lifestyle, holidays and even hair have come under the spotlight, and at Westrow we know that many of you want to enhance what you have rather than change it completely.

This season we’re loving the pared-back sophistication in both fashion, make-up and hair. Welcome to the new nude, where make-up is kept sheer, for a fresh, new season appeal, mirrored by hair, which is kept more natural and ethereal than seasons past.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to one of my favourite looks this season (pictured) that’s perfect for the spring/summer months ahead:

1) Protect locks with Revlon Professional Magnet Ultimate Daily Fix & Shield  (RRP £26.90 / 200ml)

2) Apply Revlon Professional Style Masters Iron Guard to smooth the hair (RRP £13 / 150ml)

3) Blow-dry smooth

4) Flat iron the fringe and hairline

5) Add soft texture with Revlon Professional Style Masters Memory Spray (RRP £13 / 150ml)

Hues that girl?

At Westrow we have a truly talented team across our eight-salon group ready to help you take your hair colour to the next level.
Our 25 Colour Mixologists are all technicians and magicians proficient in the art of mixing the perfect hue, that’s truly tailored to you. Fancy a freehand ombre or balayage this season? No problem. Face-framing, sun-kissed baby lights calling your name? We’ve got you!

Our award-winning team also has a range of gorgeous tones and glosses at their fabulous fingertips to temporarily tone, neutralise or enhance your hair colour for a spring/summer freshener. We like to think of it as tailored toning – it’s as bespoke and as individual as you are. 

We love Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo, the first
ammonia-free toning range with acid technology, making it the perfect low-commitment option after any lightening service, helping treat and gently colour your hair, while providing glimmers of light. With eight shades (and one clear shade too) these toners add 3D-shine for outstanding condition every time. Think of it like lip gloss for your locks and you get the pretty picture.

Insta Famous

Revlon Professional’s Nutri Color Filters (RRP £21.70/240ml) is an express treatment helping give your coloured hair a beautiful boost in only three minutes. Ideal for refreshing blondes, brunettes and reds (or even creating fantasy colours) they boast a 3-in-1 Insta-pic technology to help deliver intense colour and shine this season. The 23 intermixable shades nourish and moisturise hair, while smoothing and helping to seal the hair cuticle. Speak to one of our Westrow Colour Mixologists now, or ask about taking home as a boost in-between your colour appointments.

Visit for details on your nearest salon

Picture of health

Five top tips for hair health this season:

Brush with success

Look after the structure of your hair with a spritz of Revlon Professional Equave Leave-in Detangling Conditioner post wash, using a wide toothed comb to ensure no snagging (RRP £25.90 / 500ml)

Air apparent

Skip the hairdryer and opt for the airdryer this season, remembering to prep your locks first with some Revlon Professional Restart Recovery Anti-Split Ends Sealing Drops (RRP £17.30 / 50ml)

Seed the day

With studies showing that adding more protein to your diet helps boost the look, feel and growth of your locks, opt for a low-fat diet and up your intake of omega 3-rich nuts and seeds for hair that’s glowing with health

Sweet dreams

Add a silk pillow to your S/S21 wish list: it’s been proven to minimise hair loss and damage, with the silk allowing your hair to keep its natural oils. It also stops hair snagging while you sleep, leaving locks as smooth and silky as your pillow.

Oils well that ends well

Running natural oil through your hair before you head to bed helps stimulate the scalp and hair follicle, which can promote hair growth. We love Revlon Professional’s Orofluido Original Elixir – just remember to braid your hair and wrap in a silk scarf to keep oil off your pillow (RRP £28.40 / 100ml)

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