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In 1994 Oasis released their debut album Definitely Maybe with the iconic cover featuring the title words handwritten on the front.

For years many believed it was the handwriting of Noel Gallagher, but it was in fact Microdot founder Brian Cannon who etched the words himself.

Brian said: “Contrary to popular belief, the logo for Definitely Maybe on the Oasis album cover is not Noel’s handwriting, nor is it a typeface – it’s my writing.”

“It was handwritten because I suggested to Noel that the album had a punk feel and rather than set out the title in a studied typographical format it should be an informal handwritten solution. He agreed and the icon was born.

“But little did I know, when I wrote out those words in  marker pen on untold sheets of paper in 1994 until I was satisfied it looked right, just how iconic it would become.”

We’re now giving one lucky beyond reader the chance to win a framed hand-signed print of those immortal words, written by Brian and embossed with the Microdot stamp of authenticity and numbered 1/1 to denote its unique originality.


To enter this great prize and take home a piece of Oasis history simply follow us on instagram:


like the competition post and tag a friend.

Alternatively, you can enter by emailing your name, address and phone number to

The competition closes March 31st when the winner will be announced.

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