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beyond reports on how a father and son team turned their passion for baking into the successful business Moin Moin Backerei.

Few aromas are more enticing than the smell of a freshly baked loaf.

From sturdy sourdoughs to a light crusty stonecut, there is something magical about stepping foot inside a bakery and one such place where your senses will go into overdrive is Moin Moin in Ilkley.

Driven by passionate owner Liam Wilton, the Moin Moin team are committed to creating the highest quality bread, pastries and confectionery using the very finest locally sourced ingredients and their motto, ’creating memories for those who enjoy their baked goods’ is at the heart of everything they do.

Artisan bakers since 1987, Moin Moin is located in the heart of Ilkley town centre, at the bottom of Brook Street and since opening their doors three years ago they have built up an excellent customer base with their freshly baked products and home delivery service across the area twice a wek.

Although Moin Moin is relatively new to the Ilkley scene, Liam, along with his father Glen have been making bread and delicious treats from their bake house, The Village Bakery in Rawdon since 1987.

The pair teamed up after Liam returned to Yorkshire from a corporate career in Germany and Glen says their combined knowledge has helped the business flourish.

He said: “I was delighted when Liam decided to return from Germany and join the family business and we have been able to tap into his knowledge of the European bakery scene and enhance our product range by adding some hugely popular continental pieces such as the Franzbrötchen & Mandelhornchen.”

After spending four years in Hamburg, the German bakery market made its mark on Liam and he was keen to bring the ideas and techniques he picked up back home to Yorkshire.

Their signature German pieces include the Donker loaf – a malted Barley & Rye seeded and of course the Franzbrotchen – a delicious Hamburg delicacy made using laminated pastry and cinnamon.

But with its roots firmly in Yorkshire, and the friendly ‘ey up’ a greeting in the area, ‘Moin Moin’ which translates to just that in Hamburg – a friendly greeting – is now looking to expand their business.

In addition to supplying a number of local cafes and restaurants from The Hedgerow in Grassington through to Clubhouse in Leeds City Centre, the team are passionate about helping to up-skill the next generation in traditional baking methods and work around the clock to ensure their products, which include 15 types of rolls and 30 different loaves, are freshly delivered across the region every morning.

Liam said: “Our real enjoyment is seeing people across Yorkshire enjoying our products and watching the brand grow.”

And in addition to their shop where there is always a warm welcome alongside a warm loaf, the team are now offering a delivery service straight to your door.

Twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, you can now enjoy freshly baked bread and treats delivered directly to your door and orders can be placed by emailing

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