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Get stuck in

Over the past decade, cooking has suddenly become very sexy.
With a rich vein of celebrity chefs on the block, the arrival of new eating habits and the introduction of Instagram, getting stuck into the kitchen and working your magic has become a very good thing to do.

H ere at beyond we’re big fans of rustling up a veritable feast of our own and there’s no shortage of help out there to get you in the mood.
Here we take a look at six new cook books coming out this year that we recommend you get your hands on.

The Vegetarian Silver Spoon

If you love your Italian vegetarian cuisine, then this is the book for you and guaranteed to get even the biggest meat-eater licking their lips at the contents. Among the 200 recipes are your classic Italian dishes which are already veggie, of course, but also newer additions which work in contemporary ingredients from further afield.

Dinner In French by Melissa Clark

If you fancy getting a petit look at what the French eat day-to-day, this is le book pour vous. New York Times food writer Melissa Clark has put together more than 150 recipes but with a new spin on them that will leave you screaming ooh la la when you get everybody round le table.

The Irish Cookbook by Jp McMahon

If you fancy a craic at serving up some classic Irish dishes, then this is the book for you. Chef and restaurateur JP McMahon has collected 480 recipes which showcase the extraordinary produce found across the island of Ireland, from oysters and fish to beef and lamb, as well as pointing out all sorts of bits and pieces that can be easily foraged.

Tin Can Magic by Jessica Elliott Dennison

We’ve all got a kitchen cupboard filled with bits and pieces that haven’t seen the light of day for months, well now is the time to bring them out and let them shine with the release of Tin Can Magic, a little gift from Jessica Elliott Dennison who shows you how to create wonderful dishes like spiced lamb and tomato flatbreads or carrot and toasted cumin lentil dahl from the pantry’s forgotten inhabitants.

Keeping It Simple by Yasmin Fahr

There’s not many of us who can afford the time to indulge in a five- hour cooking session each night so this little gem from Yasmin Fahr is a godsend for foodie lovers who want to serve up quick and delicious dishes. Keeping It Simple slims down the cooking process without losing any of the flavour or, just as importantly, the satisfaction of putting it all together.

Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman

It might have come out last year but this is a book we think every self respecting food lover should have in their locker. Roman’s warm, laidback attitude to cooking comes through both in her writing and her recipes. Check out the anchovy-rubbed lamb shoulder on garlicky tomatoes with hot sauce-doused grilled carrots and you’ll know what we mean.

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