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It’s all about maximum length this season. Ultra girly, super-long locks (as pictured) were all over Fashion Week – worn loose, worn in pretty low-slung ponies and worn with uber-long braids.

Ultra-long lengths are actually surprisingly easy to style: long locks left to air dry will usually take on a far better texture and finish than shorter styles that require more styling and maintenance, and aside from that, it’s much kinder to your hair!

I love how incredibly dramatic long lengths can look when styled properly, and if you’re looking to give your locks a break from heated stylers, it’s the perfect time to experiment with styles that can be created without irons or tongs. Buns, braids and ponytails are the perfect partner to the new season.

My top tip? Dampen locks before braiding hair loosely before bed. In the morning, remove the braids and rake your fingers through to create a blended finish (without heat) and voila! If you’re looking to add extra volume and a very on-trend matte texture to your hair, add a texturising powder or dry shampoo, for volume and body, with long lasting hold  – even in the cold!

Parting ways

The middle parting was also having a moment on the A/W21 runways, where everyone from Balenciaga, Etro and Ulla Johnson lept onto the trend, inspired, in part, by life in lockdown, where practicality took priority. This season I’m loving defined, centre-parted styles (as pictured below), which can help create movement within a longer, looser style. This ‘devil-may-care’ attitude is the epitome of modern style and perfect for the Autumn/Winter season ahead.

Turn it up

It’s a perfect balance of beauty and utility that make our cuts at Westrow so appealing, but when it comes to styling, for us, texture really is the ‘hair’ to the throne! Whether its cool-girl static and mussed-up roots or playing around with textures and finishes between roots, mid-lengths and ends (think dusty roots leading to glossy lengths), we love to nail that texture sweet spot for both clients and collections. For us, it really does help define a style.

We also love Revlon Professional Style Masters Memory Spray – a flexible hold texture spray that’s the perfect style saviour this season.

RRP £13/150ml

Fight the frizz

Now’s the time to switch up your haircare regime as you would your skincare. Opt for moisturising shampoos and conditioners for dry hair as this will give your hair an extra layer of protection. Invest in a hair oil; these multitaskers really are your new season best friend, and can be applied post wash and condition to smooth locks pre blow-dry, or on dry hair overnight to stimulate the scalp and hair follicle. We might be biased, but it’s super important to make sure you have regular trims throughout the A/W season. Hair ends are more prone to dryness, so keeping tips in tip-top condition will pay dividends long term and ensure no split ends too. Use a softer, microfibre towel to dry your hair, as using the same towel you use on your body can damage the hair cuticle, leaving you with frizz and knots. Treatment masks are also non-negotiable during winter, adding a much-needed moisture boost to dry, weather-beaten locks.

Hall of fame

It’s safe to say that 2021 has been a rollercoaster ride of a year, but we found good reason to celebrate recently when our talented Westrow House Academy team scooped the top spot at the prestigious 2021 British Hairdressing Business Awards. After a truly testing time for educational facilities throughout lockdown, the team were thrilled to take home the coveted trophy for Educator of the Year for the third time, propelling us into the Hairdressing Hall of Fame in 2022!

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